Monday, February 23, 2009

Woodland Cultural Centre Comments on the Koous Collection

I had the delight to be accepted as a featured artist in the summer and fall 2008 artist exhibits at the Woodland Cultural Centre. Below are recent comments offered by Judy Harris from Woodlands - many thanks to her for taking time to visit the Koous Collection blog and offering her feedback.

Sge:noh J'net
I'm so glad that you have the blog to visit. It gave me greater insight into your creativity in fashion design and in your beautiful baby. The clothing that you have designed are second to none, the incorporation of your vibrant culture into fashion designs brings the teachings of your people into present day. Aboriginal designers, who utilize their stories, symbols in their works, need to be commended; they are bringing to the forefront their national pride and heritage, and are showing the general public they can create fabulous works alongside mainstream designers.
I commend you and wish you the best in all your creativity -
Judy Harris
Woodland Cultural Centre

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