Saturday, February 14, 2009

Adding Koous style to a stylish dress!

Here is a playful fringe dress Lana Jackson modeled for the photo shoot!

What makes this a part of the Koous Collection is the added rainbow beaded accent on the neckline!

Adding cultural accents to pre-fab outfits is a playful way to add native talents in a mainstream fashion environment!

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens


Janice Lois said...

I like her stylish black dress...

Donna Meness said...

Adding "Koous style" to prefab clothing is a great starting point for promoting cultural pride and emphasising Aboriginal identity.

If you think about it, applying beadwork to necklines or fringe to jeans or eagle feather/ bearpaws or wolf outlines to vests & dresses gives a strong cultural first impression. It is a way to honour our ancestors' strength & tenacity in ensuring the continuance of our motifs, our clans & the stories associated with a particular design. It is an immediate connection with the past & the future since the younger generations will instantly push the envelope further in designing & decorating not only clothing but furnishings as well.