Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making fashion wolf tracks with signature suit for the Koous Collection!

Here is my promotional business suit I made with a wolf stylized applique design.

While making this suite during my OAC supported sewing classes, I learned plenty about creating crisper lines and working on making a well-finished lining.

What was fun about making this suit, is I finally had something that fit my post-pregnancy body and will grow with me as I work off the baby-weight! I also lucked out at a garage sale last summer with finding a wonderful spool of gold thread to outline the applique.

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens


jas said...

nice work of art, just make it little colorful,

Donna Meness said...

The artistic blend of J'net's vision of contemporary office wear is breath -taking! I would have loved to wear such fashions when I was working in Indian government 20years ago...

She is so gifted, she doesn't really recognize the level of pride she inspires in other Aboriginal women, or perhaps it would be more correct to say she is so gracious as to offer such knowledge freely to anyone she connects with. She recognized through experience & teaching the healing power of textile art on a wounded spirit. She has been the inspiration of others taking those first tenative steps on the "RED ROAD".

I remember when I first met her, she had an Eagle feather on her jeans & beadwork fringe on her packsack, was beading a pair of earrings & she glowed with confidence. Mind you she had already been a speaker on youth rights, had organized workshops & support services for "adopted out" individuals within Indian Country & had ideas on how to help her community deal with the various levles of betrayal & systematic government sanctioned abuse.

She IS a modern cultural dynamo!!