Monday, February 23, 2009

Unexpected emotion to loving comments about the Koous Collection

Below are comments I received from one of my husband's colleagues - Olivia's heartfelt words struck me deeply and stirred up much emotion about why my work as a textile artist is a vital way to express myself and celebrate the resiliency of Aboriginal peoples! Thank you Olivia!

I wanted to send a few words about your creations

I profoundly believe that we must reclaim our spirits; that part of becoming healthier and wholesome is to bring back the essence that has been taken from us by political agendas that want us segregated and alienated …. sometimes by our own complacency. Some of us have the opportunity to call back our spirits by the work we do. What I see/understand from your fashion creations is colour, fabric, dreams, memories, stories….i imagine a woman, wearing one of your garments, moving to the rhythm of some story only you knew when you conjured that specific piece of clothe, and yet, the order and sequence of colour shape and texture change and evolve with each individual. It is a bit like story telling, isn’t it?! And, I guess is a bit like poetry…at least that’s what I thought when I read: “I also lucked out at a garage sale last summer with finding a wonderful spool of gold thread to outline the applique.” Please J’net, make me a gown with those words and definitely outline the appliqué with that wonderful spool of gold thread!

Congratulations and success,


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