Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reflections from the husband of the Koous Collection

Chris was the one who introduced me to blogging and he just posted yet another fashion adventure I am traveling! You can visit his blog or read his comments below...

I am sooooooo grateful for my family's belief in me! Hoooooooooooowls to our creative clan!

The house is strewn with pins and needles and a rainbow array of strips of fabric. It looks like a crazy wind has blown through leaving this varicolored chaos. Or it's like a wake that you can follow to find J'net hunched over her sewing machine at all hours of the day and night. True, i flee for the couch downstairs when the sewing machine in churning out the workings of J'net's imagination. But it's a small price to pay to support J'net in her vision of clothing that tells some of the stories of her Nuu-chah-nulth culture and aboriginal culture more broadly still. Our house is lined with the staid beauty of diversely-stocked bookshelves, the tantalizing beauty of folded bolts of fabric and rolls of hand-made paper and, spicing it all up, the cheerful chaos of numerous projects-in-process. If you want to see more of J'net's creations you can see some images on her website/blog: Koous Collection.


Tereza said...

J'net, I am proud of you. Very good. I wish could be a part of it.You have a lot of potential, talen and desire.

All the best

Kim said...

Beautiful photos friends, and how great to see your blog! I hope you keep at it J'net!

Donna Meness said...

have memories of J'net's sewing...all good!
I remember J'net coming for a quick visit while I was working at my community's Old Age home. She attempted to teach me to make a scarf decorated like a button blanket, but I was very busy until about 3am after I helped the last elder to bed & she fell asleep waiting for me.
Other times -she also attempted to teach me to crochet and bead earring when I first met her, but I am more of a "hand-tanning animal skins" & "medicine making" kinda girl!
I am in awe of her skill...& she appreciates my ironing skill & hand sewing skill. LOL
Much Love J'net
Donna Meness
Kitigan Zibi Anishnebeg Community
Algonquin Nation
lifelong member of Indian Defence League of America