Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby #3 to keep me company me on this sewing journey!

To offer some important perspective to this OAC Access & Career Development Award is the fact that I attended my sewing classes with my new born son.

My youngest of three children began this sewing journey with my when he was only 11 days old! Thankfully he was born a week early - he is now 5 months old!

All my sewing happened in between naps, feedings, diaper changes and of course, laundry loads!

Many thanks to my family, especially my teenager, for all their support and help!

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens


jas said...

thats the happiness of true love
your baby is so cute,

Kim said...

My gosh but he reminds me of chris!

Donna Meness said...

Kim - not only "reminds" us of Chris- he's the spitting image of his father! LOL