Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wild Woman brings the west coast to Toronto!

Lana Jackson looks amazing in my two-piece Wild Woman denim outfit!

The laced eyelet bustier and wrap-around denim skirt make it possible for this outfit to be enjoyed by a variety of sizes.

I enjoyed accenting this outfit with brocade red silk and the applique is created by turning the denim fabric inside-out to make the body shape of the wild-woman!

What took the longest on this particular outfit is the hand-made fringe which created by pulling out strings of fabric one strand at a time... I sure could use some technical feedback how to make this accent easier in the future!

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens


Studio Terrafemina said...

Lacing for "Multi-fit" is a really great idea!
Can eat and unravel as needed.
Fine looking collection of textiles, motifs and ideas J'net.
Wild women of this World unite and wear hand made clothing.

Koous Collection said...

You roCk Mickey!

love the unite part... wild women sewing the world back together again!!!!

hooooooowls from Toronto