Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making cultural tracks with my little one!

Here is one of my natural inspirations- my 8 year-old daughter! As you can see she is a natural little jewel in front of the camera!

Just to keep a balance with my family... every three or four outfits i stop to make her something to be sure she does not feel left out of my creative process!

Here my girl is wearing a flowered hippy top with a denim fringe pants with my latest eagle feather design. I recall making her a dress one time... and she was not wearing it - she explained..."it is not finished with a native design mom!"

My family is super supportive of my ambition as a textile artist - I give them a great deal of thanks for their patience and encouragement!

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens

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Donna Meness said...

This outfit is beautiful!!! I would love to have a pair of these pants.

Imagine if we all ordered this outfit for the children in our lives;

or if all the Native Child Welfare Agencies had this outfit as part of their "giveaway package" when children came into their care!

or if all powwow committees had this outfit as part of their GiveAways!