Sunday, October 11, 2009

Art as Medicine!

How lucky am I to have been able to attend the 8th Annual National Aboriginal Network for Arts Administration Gathering recently hosted in Alberta! The theme of this years event was "Art as Medicine!" Wow - this powerful concept was a strong subject for the more than 40 participants to discuss!

For me Art as Medicine helped me keep my sanity in my 20 year counseling career, a means to bring creativity into working toward personal and community wellness. A soft landing for people to explore their creative strengths while smoothing the rough edges in their lives.

Art has become the foundation of my identity and who I am becoming as a textile artist to preserve the oral teachings found in the designs I work with. Thanks to Geraldine and Jaret (Sun and Moon Gallery in Edmonton) for coordinating this wonderful event! Thanks to Cynthia Lickers-Sage for taking the photo you see here!

Our major activity at this gathering was an art therapy Body-Mapping exercise lead by Jean Tate. Inspired by the radiance of my little guy Taliesen I designed my PLAYFUL ABUNDANCE self-care body-map guided by his natural brilliance represented by the yellow and colourful rainbow accent!

I also wish to thank Louise Profeit-Leblanc from the Canada Council for the Arts for inviting everyone to invoke the names of those who inspired us and have since gone onto the spirit world! I send my graditude out to the late Uncle Jimmy August, the late Grma Ida Swan August Shish, the late Grma Caroline Little, the late foster-dad Harry Seaton Curwood, my late brother John August and the late Ellen Monague from Christian Island!